MEGHALAYA : The Pride of North-East India

Managing Time is an art. I had 4 days (keep 7 days when planning yours') to spare, and therefore instantly booked the tickets to Meghalaya. The name literally means Abode of the Clouds, and during the Monsoons this state is considered to be a Paradise. The state is evergreen all round the year! Temperature in Meghalaya not a big issue, but the wind makes it feel even colder, especially at night during the winters. However, the prime issue in going to the Meghalaya is that you need to spare a lot of time in reaching the destination. Unfortunately, due to a last minute booking, all the available flights had huge layovers, and I ended up with a 10 hour layover at New Delhi. Well, Nevermind! One point worth noting in Meghalaya is that the Sun sets and rises pretty early. By this I mean that, with respect to Early December, it dawns at 5:00 AM, while the dusk falls at 5:00 PM. Being a backpacker, especially when Solo, I was not interested in reserving a complete c
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